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The Cherkasy Regional Local History Museum

The Cherkasy Regional Local History Museum

Cherkassy Regional Museum is one of the largest such institutions in Ukraine. According to statistics, every year it is visited by over 150,000 people. It contains the most complete collection of exhibits that reflect the history and life of Cherkasy region, prominent fellow native of this area Dnieper.

Museum Collection Cherkasy

The museum building contains more than 30 exhibition rooms, which occupy permanent displays and exhibitions. The museum funds consist of more than 106 thousand unique exhibits, of which only 12,000 are constantly exposed exhibitions as part of the institution.

Collection rather difficult task - fully illuminate visitors to history of the region from ancient times to the present, culture and customs of local residents as well as the nature of the land.

The halls of the museum are divided on the subject:

  • nature Cherkasy region;
  • archeology;
  • ethnography;
  • history of the region from the 14th to the early 20th century;
  • history of the region from 1917;
  • Modernity;
  • Hall commemorating famous native Cherkassy region Shevchenko;
  • several rooms devoted to famous countrymen (poet Vasyl Symonenko, Vladimir Symyrenko botanist, politician Vyacheslav Chornovil).

Of all the collections of museum exhibits is to provide a collection of editions of Shevchenko, which accommodates more than 330 books poet, as published in his lifetime and posthumously, publications in foreign languages ​​and more.

It boasts a collection of old books, zoological exhibits AV Nosachenko, archaeological collection. The highest historical value has a unique collection of objects Cossack era. It includes various Cossack weapons from swords to guns fortress.

The real pride of the museum is authentic doors Cossack Kuren first half of the 18th century, which preserved traditional Cossack Mamay image.

History museum

The museum is one of the oldest in the area, its history dates back to 1918, when the initiative of the local branch of "Enlightenment" opened Historical Museum Taras Shevchenko. The first head of the museum was Dmitri barrels.

The first museum collection items were former Russian military units, which at that time were in town. After the Soviet authorities were the main source of replenishment aristocratic estates that while some actively natsionalizovuvalysya thence values ​​fell in the museum`s collection.

During World War II, Nazi troops from the museum were taken about 4000 exhibits, which at that time constituted the largest historical and cultural value. A May 1, 1944 fully restored museum of his work.

In 1985 the institution moved to the current building, which was designed specifically for the museum and remains today one of the largest in the country. Incidentally, the architects who designed the building, became laureates of State Prize of USSR them. Taras Shevchenko.

Today it is one of the largest regional museum with an exhibition worthy of and prospects for further development.

Getting to the Regional Museum in Yalta

The museum is located in the heart of Cherkasy at st. Glory Shipping 1. You approach that goes through the city center.

Hours: establishment open to visitors from 10:00 to 17:00 every day except Monday and Friday.

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