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The State Museum of Toys

The State Museum of Toys

More than 15,000 toys can be seen in the State Museum of Toys in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. The idea of ​​creating such an institution originated in 1933, but only seventy years later, in 2005, a toy museum began to take its first visitors. Now a museum under the Ministry of Education and tells the history of folk and industrial toys from all over Ukraine. In addition, you can see the unique exhibits copyright Ukrainian craftsmen and craftswomen.


The basis of the museum was the 10000th collection of toys, which began to gather at the beginning of the last century. Today, the collection barely fit in three large exhibition halls, each of which has a specific thematic and meaningful. Thus, in the first room you will learn the history of the emergence of certain toys. The second room will surprise you with its rich collection of folk designs children's toys, some of them are more than a hundred years. In the third room you will find exclusive author handmade toys, no analogues in the world.


Visiting the museum of toys, his every visitor has the opportunity to dive into the past, when our grandparents play with dolls, police, bullocks straw, clay rattles, wooden soldiers. Here you can see the first wooden Transformers made back in the 30's of last century. While these toys are not turned on different robots, while tvarynok and machines for agricultural purposes. There are also dolls and celluloid figures, and reeled, and one of the first lottery. Also in the museum are unique board games.


The museum is proud of its extraordinary collection of dolls that are on display are more than three hundred pieces. It is worth mentioning that representatives luxury collection - dolls in bright dresses lush with elegant hairstyle and soft shoes. In addition, only the Kyiv Museum of toys you can see the famous celluloid dolls Pupsik and certain professions - doctors, police officers, teachers. There is a museum and the first Barbie doll years 1960-1980, and a collection of dolls in folk costumes 36 countries. But the most interesting exhibits are dolls made of natural materials with natural dyes.


National Toy Museum is famous for the fact that its walls kept the doll academic Bogomoltsa, which was once an institution has given his daughter. After all, here you can see the oldest examples of toy dishes and furniture, children's railways and planetohodiv, machines, pistoletykiv, rattles and airplanes that are currently causing a lot of memories of old museum visitors and surprise your unpretentiousness of modern children.


National Toy Museum is located at Klovskyi descent in Kiev. The nearest subway station is Klovska and Arsenal. It also can be reached by public transport. Weekend - Sunday and Monday.


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