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Кobert Doms Pub

Кobert Doms Pub

Traditions Lviv brewers more than one hundred years, and where it is not in Lviv , presented the widest range of intoxicating drink.

Not far from the city center pub is "Intoxicated house Robert Domes", which opened not so long ago - in 2007. It is located in the basement of Lviv Brewery and consists of four rooms, which can accommodate about 350 people. All are equipped with large screens to broadcast various video sequences. In addition, there is a stage for live performances of various artists. All this contributes to a wonderful vacation in the company druzey.Zdes you can always enjoy the freshest beer brewery in Lviv, and to appreciate the local drinks in combination with a variety of snacks.

His name shall pub famous Lviv brewers Robert Domes, which in the mid-19th century to establish a process of beer production. But his love for a young servant Zosia changed his life. After his marriage, Robert sold the brewery and went to Switzerland.

On the ground floor of the pub there is a shop with souvenirs and and everyone can find something interesting gift. No less interesting and Brewery Museum , which tells all about this amazing drink.

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