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Lustdorf Brewery

Lustdorf Brewery

The increasing popularity in Ukraine acquire beer pubs, restaurants, many of which acquire personal breweries. Not departed from this tradition and "Lyustdorf" is the first restaurant-brewery in Odessa with a full cycle production of beer. The opening took place in June 2007 and during this short period of the restaurant confirmed the reputation of being one of the best institutions of this type.

The restaurant has three rooms, one of which is a banquet, and a summer terrace and can accommodate about 500 campers. Interior is decorated in the style of hi-tech and is designed for today`s beer drinkers who prefer beer European cuisine. For regular customers set up special cells to store personal beer mugs. "Chip" restaurant - Map of beer cocktails, "meter of beer", "meter sausage" and the intriguing "37 cm from the chef." Wishing to diversify your vacation can turn it into a competition, playing in the "beer checkers." Guests can also enjoy festivals, entertainment events, promotions.

One of the features of the restaurant - it`s own mini-brewery, which is located in the restaurant, so that gives you an opportunity to see the brewing process. Advanced equipment, excellent German malt, Czech hops choice - these are the main components of high quality beer. Freshly brewed beer in perfect harmony with delicious snacks in the style of European cuisine.

"Enterprise of the Year 2010" - is a special mark of distinction, according to the International economic rating "The Best League", which was a restaurant in 2010.

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