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Mount Hoverla

Mount Hoverla

Jewel of the Ukrainian Carpathians mountains can be called Goverlu and Petros. These are two of the five highest mountains of Ukraine. Climb these mountains is the most popular tourist destination in the Carpathian Mountains. Goverla and Petros are part of the mountain massif of Montenegro. 

Goverly height is 2061 meter, from the top all Ukraine visible at a glance. Goverla is tapered on its slopes traces of Pleistocene glaciation. Summer face of the mountain is a vast alpine meadows and shrubs. Its feature is the cascading waterfall, located at the foot of a tributary of the Prut. The waterfall is about 80 meters. The most beautiful mountain scenery in winter, when the tops are covered with white caps of snow, and above all these magnificence extends endless blue sky. 

The mountain Petros - 2,020 meters, is the third largest mountain in the Carpathians. Its name is translated from Romanian means "stone." Among the tourists Petros mountain is very popular because of its convenient geographic location, close to the railway. Climbing the Petros available even experienced travelers, since it marked and fairly laid-trodden paths. From the south-eastern, northern and eastern sides of the mountain slopes are very steep and precipitous. Petros winter should not go without special sports equipment, as in these places there is a possibility of avalanches. 

On a clear day from the top of the mountain offers a breathtaking panorama, you can see the peak Goverly downstairs seen Lazenschina village. Travelers get to the top of the mountain for another surprise. Here are the ruins of a chapel, as well as artificial mound of stones that symbolizes this vertex. 

To get to these mountains, you need to take the train to Ivano-Frankivsk, where you are on the bus, a drive to the village Lazenschina. Next have to walk up to the reserve. Also, by taxi you can reach the village Vorohty where the hostel "Zaroslyak" here and begins the path Goverlu. 

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