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Shatskyi National Nature Park

Shatskyi National Nature Park

Shatskyi Nature Park is located in Volyn region, Ukraine. It was created in 1983 to protect the unique natural complexes around the lakes of Shatsk. The territory of the park covers the western part of the region of Polesie, which includes northern Ukraine, southern Belarus and parts of Poland.

The whole territory of ​​the park is divided into the protected area, controlled recreation area, stationary recreation area, as well as the economic zone. The main feature of the natural park is a large number of lakes, which form one of the largest lake systems in Europe. The biggest of them is Svitiaz.

Among marshy areas, forests and meadows, you may meet various species of flora and fauna. Many species are included in the Red Book of Ukraine. Pine, blueberry and moss forests dominate there. You can meet there elk, wild boar, roe deer, hare, weasel, marten, fox, raccoon dog, wolf etc.

There are four recreation areas in Shatskyi Park: “Svitiaz”, “Hriada, “Hushovo” and “Pisochne”. Recreation centres, boarding houses, sanatoriums, tent cities, children’s and sports camps are located on the shores of the lakes. Visitors can enjoy the nature of Polesie when taking ecological tours. It is an ideal place for fishing and relaxation.

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