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Old Lutsk History and Culture Reserve

Old Lutsk History and Culture Reserve

In the heart of the city of Lutsk located its historic heart - And Storico Cultural Reserve "Old Lutsk".   This name was reserve in 1985 due to the presence in a large number of monuments   architecture of the Middle Ages.

The most important attraction of the Historical and Cultural Reserve "Old Lutsk" is gorgeous   Castle of Westminster , who can rightly be called   one of the wonders of Ukraine. Equally important is the   Castle roundabout , which is a fortification. On its territory there are   three monastic complex: the Jesuits, and brigitok sharitok. Around Roundabout Castle is an ancient trade and handicraft quarters. In the southern part of the reserve is D ominikansky monastery. West of the monastery is located synagogue , also known as the Little Castle.

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