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Probiy Waterfall

Probiy Waterfall

Probiy waterfall is located in the heart of the resort Carpathians in Yaremche . This natural landmark is listed in the list of the most popular places in Ukraine and is considered one of the most beautiful.

The desire to see the waterfall will lead you to places fabulous - the river Prut. Rapid river is clean water along a winding gorge. At the end of the way the water with a deafening roar breaks down the five-meter height of the stone canyon, and it seems like a waterfall in full swing! Watch this wonder of nature can be with the sight of the bridge, located on the twelve-height.

Even this place is known unique layered rocks on the right bank of the Prut River, which are called "Gothic folds." They were formed during the formation of the Carpathian mountain range a few tens of millions of years ago. These rocks create fancy folds, which resemble Gaudí in the Gothic Revival style.

On the way to the waterfall, you can look at the souvenir market and buy something as a souvenir of an unforgettable place in the Carpathians. To get to the waterfall tastes very easily. It is located just 2 kilometers from the railway station Yaremche, the road is laid up to the waterfall, and the locals are happy to prompt the right direction.

Falls Probiy conquers tourists for its extraordinary beauty, harmony and strength. Having been here once, you will fall in love with this place forever.

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Зима в Гуцульском крае!
Отдохните на выходные от городской суеты и заодно узнайте о старинных традициях украинского народа. Тур по Гуцульскому краю приготовил вам множество интересных экскурсий по Закарпатью. Вас ожидают: экскурсионная программа «Жемчужные Карпаты»; Женецкий водопад; дегустация пенных напитков в частной пивоварне «Микуличин»; дом-музей режиссера С. Параджанова, где снимался фильм «Тени забытых предков»; экскурсия по главному историческому городу Карпат – Яремче, где вам будут поведаны истории и легенды гуцульского края; гуцульская кухня от закарпатских поваров – вас накормят завтраком и ужином в уютном отеле.
Новый год в Карпатах и Черновцы
** акция не суммируется с другими предложениями Туроператора, в том числе с начислениями на карту туриста; акционная цена за тур действует только при 50% оплате до 15.11.2018)
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