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Radziwill Castle

Radziwill Castle

Radziwill castle was built in 1564 and was one of the first rectangular locks bastion on the territory of Ukraine. Despite the fact that a large part of the castle is closed to visitors, this place is very interesting for tourists, especially for lovers of castle architecture.

Can not be overlooked in the castle medieval moat, which once connected the watch tower with tool-buildings. Even its current status impresses with its inaccessibility. The remaining buildings of the castle complex can also tell a lot about the former luxury estates one of the richest families of high society. Luxury moldings, entrance arch and columns still dazzled many architects. The castle was so beautiful and majestic that it wanted to make a residence for Ukrainian presidents.

Near the castle stands a church of the Holy Trinity, in which were buried Radziwill family members. The church was built according to the drawings of the famous architect of the Baroque period.

Radziwill family was very wealthy. And, as legend has it, some part of their immense wealth hidden within the thick walls of the castle. Therefore, dozens of hunters luck every year come here in search of treasure. But these walls keep the secret right kind. Maybe you`re lucky enough to find this gem ?!

The castle is fraught with many other mysteries. For example, you can often observe the image of the girl, who occasionally emerges on the wall of one of the rooms. If you are looking for new experiences, you should definitely visit this place.

Get to the castle Radziwill by bus from Lutsk to Olyka, or on the highway Lutsk - Exactly.

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