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Arbuzinsky (Small) canyon

Arbuzinsky (Small) canyon

Arbuzinsky Canyon is located near the villages of acts and resounded three times and is part of the National Natural Park "Bug ​​Gard" . Arbuzinsky Canyon is located near the Aktovskogo canyon , so it is often called the Little Aktovskim canyon.

As the canyon formed Arbuzinsky

Rock Arbuzinsky canyon formed more than 4 billion. Years ago due to volcanic activity, which in ancient times acted almost the entire surface of the Earth. Rocks that are hundreds of years, surprisingly have minimal damage. For centuries, the river Southern Bug and many surrounding rivers fought their way through the rocks gradually forming a rocky gorge with a river at the bottom. And formed Arbuzinsky canyon. Locals say that the volcano that formed this natural wonder, still hot - almost always in mid-winter blooming violets.

Arbuzinsky canyon is amazing cliffs washed by water for centuries, became smooth and overgrown with green moss; every corner of the overgrown with all kinds of trees and flowers. On the territory of the canyon live animals such as moles, bison, muskrat, wild boar, deer.

By the way, in Vienna were set stones that symbolize all the continents of Europe and the stone was taken from that position.

How to get to the canyon Arbuzinsky

Of course, learning about this wonderful place, there is a desire to go there immediately. But the road to the canyon is not easy. It is best to come here by car. By Arbuzinsokmu canyon may be accessed by road through the village Berezovka, or through the city Nikolaev. Beryozovka through to get to the canyon quickly as possible, but it`s better to go through Nikolaev - the road will be a little longer, but smoother and easier.

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