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Musical Fountain in Cherkasy

Musical Fountain in Cherkasy

In 2008, ten years later, once again earned a fountain in Cherkassy. It is located near the building of the regional state administration. The updated form fountain pleases residents and visitors a fascinating palette of colors and dancing to the beat of a beautiful water music.

A large number of shops around the fountain in the park allows you to relax with their entire families, in the company of friends or just couples in love. Pleasant classical music has the kids to fun running around and calming effect on the elderly. For young people there is a good opportunity to capture the pleasant moments of life on camera. Many newlyweds often come here to do some wedding photos.

Workers periodically removed from the fountain a large number of coins, according to tradition abandoned there by people wanting to come back. Their desire is understandable, because the light and music fountain in Cherkassy is one of the most memorable and comfortable places in the city.

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