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Tarakaniv Fort

Tarakaniv Fort

Tarakanovskiy fort or New Dubenskaya fortress - one of the most interesting places of Rivne region. Today, the fortress remained only ruins. But an incredible amount of legends that still surround the fort, and mystical remains of once beautiful buildings every year attracts more and more tourists.

The name of the fort was not due to cockroaches, as many believe, the first time he heard his naming. Everything is much simpler: the name of the village gave Cockroaches in which the fort is situated.

This is the place you will be impressed not only legends, but its scope. That only is the tunnel beneath the outer walls of a length of about 100 meters.

Legends of the fort Tarakanovskiy

According to one legend, this place has become a city of ghosts. They say ghosts are really there for many years in a row scare the locals. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in the early 20th century it killed a lot of soldiers and they still can not find peace. Many rank New Dubno fortress among the most mysterious places of Ukraine.

The history of the fort Tarakanovskiy

Tarakanovskiy fort - a vivid example of how to underestimate their own remedies. The fortress was built in the late 19th century to protect the western borders of the Russian Empire. Hence perfectly visible passing near the railroad. But, during the First World War, the Russians decided that the fort they do not particularly need. Therefore, the castle was handed over to the Poles almost without a fight. Recovering himself, decided to return the fort. But for this it was necessary to make great efforts. As a result, the fort, the destruction of property as artillery, was recaptured.

During the Second World War, New Dubenskaya fort was again put opponents. This time - already the German invaders. Some legends say that the Germans are here to test the new secret weapon, as if even nuclear. When it became clear that the coming capitulation of Germany, some of the rooms and turn them Germans poured concrete. He is so strong that it is difficult to pick open even in our time. Therefore, the places Tarakanovskiy fort that visit is not possible, cause even more problems.

How to get to the fort Tarakanovskiy

Find Tarakanovskiy fort is quite difficult - it is better to ask the locals. In addition, the very best not to go to these places - no matter how the building collapses. There are many local guides who offer their services.

From the road to Roaches need to turn around the cemetery, drive to the railway and turn right to the dirt. Next, somewhere in the 800 meters to get to the lift and turn left there. One hundred meters is a tunnel that was mentioned earlier.

This fortress is not to be confused with Dubensky castle in Dubno .

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