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Ski Yassin

Ski Yassin

Ski resort "Yassin" is located in a fairly large by the standards of the Transcarpathian village , which in winter becomes a real boon for skiers. The complex is located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level between the ridges and Montenegrin Svidovetsky, close to the heart of the Carpathians - the mountains Goverly .

It Yassin is a place where the climb the highest mountain resort in Ukraine - Dragobrat . Fans of ski resorts like Yasin, because here you can find accommodation at an affordable price, and you can ride on the territory of Bukovel and Dragobrat, located near. The resort is perfect for those who are primarily interested in the Carpathians, not Skiing.

In the village there are 2 lifts hoop type. 400-meter lift at Mount Kostyrivka serves track width of 200 meters with a height difference of 70 meters. Hill is located approximately 10 minutes walk from the town center and about the same distance from the recreation center "Edelweiss". This slope is very flat, so is ideal for those who first gets on skis. The second lift, located in the tract Mlaka, serves 800-meter track with a height difference of 150 meters.

Mountains surrounding the valley created here the unique natural conditions in which there is snow from early November to late May. Even at temperatures above zero on the slopes of Yassin snow melts. Course preparation takes 2 snowcat, which also raise the experienced skiers on the slopes of the mountains Bliznitsa and gendarme.

Guests ski resort can also go for a ride on snowmobiles or ATVs, go motoplanerizmom or paragliding, as well as a ride on a sled. In the evening you can go to the sauna or at the disco.

In the village Yassin can be reached by train or minibus from Uzhgorod or Ivano-Frankivsk . On the car ride on the highway Kyiv - Chop up the city of Mukachevo . Then turn to the southeast and go 190 kilometers on the highway N-09.

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