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Bukovel - the largest ski resort in Ukraine, which has long been appreciated by lovers of outdoor activities. On the ski slopes, of which there are about 60, beginners can try their hand, and professionals - hone your skills. It has everything you need for ski tourism! Bukovel - a fairly young resort, it was founded in 2000. It is located on five mountains.

For the convenience of tourists equipped with 16 lifts that allow you to get to the top and enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. On all routes provided by the use of snow cannons, so even in winters with little snow skiers do not have to worry.

The resort has its own 7 hotel complexes, villas, chalets. Also, visitors can stay in Bukovel private boarding houses that are in the vicinity of the resort, as a rule, the cost of living in them cheaper.

Hotels Bukovel: accommodation options.

Map of trails Bukovel: detailed map of slopes.

To use the lift, you should buy a special subscription.

Separately, there are rental equipment and snowpark. Those who want to diversify their leisure time, can go dog sledding or enjoy a horse ride. Lovers of extreme sports is waiting for rafting, snoubayk, extreme park, climbing wall, rope alpine-park, skating rink. In summer you can ride a bicycle: the resort has its own bike park with trails of varying difficulty, which hosts the annual event.

It is worth noting that the resort has mineral water springs, so now in the territory of Bukovel valid medical center, where help people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, and so forth.

Useful information, Bukovel


61 highway (descent):

  • 20 easy (beginners), blue.
  • 33 medium (medium), red.
  • 8 complex (professionals), black.

The length of the slopes (slopes) - from 300 to 2350 m, total - 55 000 m. All are equipped with "snow cannons" and interconnected.


Total of 16 lifts (chairlifts, ski lifts, Multilift):

  • 11 quadruple.
  • 1 triple.
  • 1 Double.
  • 1 rope tow.
  • 2 Multilift (beginners, children).


Accommodation options in hotels Bukovel


Rentals Bukovel provides: a ski outfit, tyuby, snowboards, snowmobiles and other equipment.

Location of rental:

  • Rental № 1.1, № 1.2 and № 1.3 parking number 1, first floor, located in the area lift 1R.
  • Car number 2 - in front of the hotel "Shelter."
  • Rentals № 3.1, № 3.2, № 3.3, № 3.4 - parking number 2, on the 5th floor parking.
  • Car number 4 - near medical center, residential area number 2.
  • Car number 5 - about kolyby "Filvarok" residential area number 2.
  • Car number 6 - near the bottom station 4-chair lift number 14.
  • Rentals № 7, № 8 - about 4 chairlift number 7.
  • Car number 11 - at the bottom station 4-chair lift number 15.
  • Car number 10, near the lower lift station number 5.
  • Rental in hotel Radisson Blu Resort.


Large range of cafes and restaurants with Ukrainian and European cuisine.


Wi-Fi, mobile telephony.


Indoor parking for 3,000 seats.


  • Paid covered parking for 1 thousand. Places located near the elevator number 7.
  • Free parking for 2 thousand.Places located near the lift number 1 at the entrance to the TC "Bukovel".


Bukovel - a modern resort, so there is wide range of entertainment:

  • Lake with a heating system.
  • Alpine Park ropes course, Alpine-Park.
  • Rink.
  • Climbing wall.
  • Snowpark.
  • Snow tubing, mogul.
  • Excursions to the snowcat.
  • ATV Tours and snoubayki.
  • Karting Center.
  • Velo Park.
  • Walking dog sledding.
  • Paintball.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Rafting.
  • Extreme Park.


Kids club and entertainment center, as well as: slides, rides, playgrounds and other entertainment for children.

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Bukovel: Photos

Tours and excursions

Тур Гуцульські Карпати + Буковель (зимовий варіант)
На Вас чекають: - знайомства з історією, звичаями, культурою одних із найцікавіших людей на світі – гуцулів; - найвидатніші історичні та природні пам’ятки краю: гуцульські храми, водоспади, річки, мальовничі карпатські пейзажі, гуцульські музеї; - і незабутня “Гуцульська забава” з музиками, танцями, співами та смачними гуцульськими наїдками.
Зимний отдых в Карпатах на 4 дня! Выезд из Киева
Этот незабываемый тур предлагает всем желающим провести свой зимний отдых на фоне Карпатского разнообразия. За 4 дня, которые пройдут среди украинских Карпат, можно будет получить массу приятных воспоминаний и невероятных впечатлений. Каждый сможет провести интересно свое время, окунувшись в атмосферу местного колорита. Этому будет способствовать:Проживание в очень уютном гуцульском мини-отеле, который размещается в поселке Микуличин. Чистый воздух, вкусная украинская и местная гуцульская кухня никого не оставит равнодушным.Посещение курорта для горнолыжных развлечений под названием «Буковель» – одного из лучших горнолыжных комплексов Украины. Катание на лыжах, санках, сноубордах сделает ваш отдых разнообразным и приятным.


In Bukovel opened a new route 22C
The largest Ukrainian ski resort "Bukovel" opened a new steep track length of 1700 m.
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