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Forest, Dievka

Forest, Dievka

Forest in Dievke - a big part of wildlife preserved near several densely populated areas of Dnepropetrovsk . It covers a large area of ​​wild forests, Dnipro floodplains, lakes, and tracts. It features the unique location Forest Park, many locals visit it several times a week, because the proximity of residential areas overcomes the path to it on foot.

The history of the area

Suburb Dievka was named in honor of one of the Cossacks epoch of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Maxim diy, by the name of which was given the name of the suburb, settled here in 1755. Soon, a small hamlet began to grow and became a full-fledged town. Successful spatial position made him popular. There is good wood, several water smoothly and town a few kilometers away. Today Dievka is a mix of holiday villages, modern developments and a forest park.

Good place to stay

Beautiful forest area with lakes and meadows can host all weekend hot summer or a warm spring. For each there is a place to taste: or away from the noisy companies in the increasingly dense forest; or near the apartment blocks to easily return home at a convenient time. Vacationers picnics, children playing in the water, and outdoor enthusiasts can arrange a game of badminton or something else. Forest Park is suitable for all ages and is an affordable area of wildlife in a big city.

Getting there

There are a number of buses that will take guests in the forest park. Their numbers are: 40, 66, 95, 111, 121, 122, 156A. In addition, the park is easy to find, walking through the array Kommunar, Sail, Sail-2. Powered subway line to these areas, departure from the train station.


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