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The tract Tunnel bar

The tract Tunnel bar

The tract Tunnel bar - one of the most unusual places of Dnipropetrovsk. A unique attraction is that it is located in the true heart of the metropolis. Unusually large area of wildlife from all sides surrounded by lines of roads, buildings and apartment blocks of houses (Falcon, Poplar, Victory, Zaporozhye highway).

Its location tract attracts hundreds of tourists every day. And its proximity to residential areas offers guests a picnic or to active recreation in the company of your family at any time.

History of the Tunnel beams

His sonorous name bar was named after the railway tunnel, which is here connected string of tracks. All of them lie on the bottom of the beam, providing a connection to the city South Station. View of the tunnel is quite picturesque, it runs under the highway road in the depths of the earth and its length is about 800 meters. Around the tunnel stretched the beam itself, built on the edges of the private sector and villas.

The structure of the tract

Exquisite beauty of the place in a unique way remains untouched to this day, despite the fact that around the big city noise. Love to come here for cozy walks on the narrow trails millions of beams that give birth to something on the hill in the valley, the forest, then the open meadow.

Indescribable landscapes are particularly good in the blossoming spring or autumn gold. Vegetation is Tracts such trees as oak, maple, acacia, wild walnut, smoke tree bushes and many others. All it explodes different colors of nature, forming a picture of extraordinary beauty. Such a landscape can only be found in the woods or in the reserve. One of them can be found near Dnepropetrovsk, call him or Obukhov Kirov forest , rich with rare species of plants and animals. Near the Tunnel beam is an amusement park "Avalanche" .

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