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Natural parks Dnipro

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The tract Tunnel bar
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вул. Космічна, Дніпро, Україна
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The tract Tunnel bar - one of the most unusual places of Dnipropetrovsk. A unique attraction is that it is located in the true heart of the metropolis. Unusually large area of wildlife from all sides surrounded by lines of roads, buildings and apartment blocks of houses (Falcon, Poplar, Victory, ...
Forest, Dievka
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с. Діївка, м. Дніпропетровськ, Україна
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Forest in Dievke - a big part of wildlife preserved near several densely populated areas of Dnepropetrovsk . It covers a large area of ​​wild forests, Dnipro floodplains, lakes, and tracts. It features the unique location Forest Park, many locals visit it several times a week, because the ...
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