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Airplane graveyard, Poltava

Airplane graveyard, Poltava

It`s hard not to draw attention to the aircraft cemetery Poltava, leaving from one city to another. Especially attracts old aircraft L-29, standing in front of the checkpoint at the complex. Previously, there was located airbase school training pilots later - Poltava Airport, and now - now rusty and ruined cemetery flight technology.

The history of the cemetery aircraft

Earlier in the territory of the cemetery was formed flight training center named Pokryshkin. Once it was the most powerful school, which trained combat pilots for the three regiments based in Kiev.

  1. The decline Zaporozhye military aviation began in 1990, when warplanes transferred to Kazakhstan, leaving here only training school and aircraft factory.
  2. In independent Ukraine flight training school has operated for several years, but in 1994 all flights stopped.
  3. In 2001, the air base finally closed due to lack of funding.

Now the former grandeur of this place can only guess. For over ten years, it is empty.

What to see

Vyshukalysya aircraft on the ground in three rows. Not far from them housed equipment that was used to deploy the airfield in the field.

Machines like the toy. And planes are incredibly much.

  • The bulk of the territory occupied by educational and training Czechoslovak L-29. Judging by the accounts magazines last time they could see in the sky in 1994.
  • MI-8 is a true giant compared to other aircraft. Its blades are surprisingly still in place. Not completely destroyed the radar antenna installed on any chassis.
  • Some completely destroyed combat aircraft lie near the fence. If ever there was a powerful technique, but now it`s a pile of metal.

By the same planes visitors are not allowed, even with security. But the fence can look at them.

Getting there

Cemetery aircraft is on the museum and the strategic long-range aircraft, located outside the city of Poltava. You can get there own transport. Move on to the N12 highway Signal Corps Museum of the Armed Forces, in which several streets turn left onto Liberation and go to the end. Then turn left and move up to fourth road turn right, turn on it and go straight to the intersection. Then you can go to the museum dirt road or travel in the same direction straight asphalt.


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