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Manor Pronskih, Berestechko

Manor Pronskih, Berestechko

Town Berestechko that in the Volyn region, has many attractions. These include Trinity Church, and with kilometers of underground passages and the Chapel of St. Thecla, and, of course, the then owners of the manor of the city - princes Pronskih. Unfortunately, up to now the manor has not kept its original appearance.

The history of the estate Pronskih

Pronsk owned Berestechko to 1544, and the prince`s apartment looked very rich, with the scope and flavor that town with a population of 1,700 people looked fantastic. During his administration the city Pronsk largely succeeded, for what on the grave of the founder`s son Berestechko citizens established "Murowana pillar" - a stone obelisk-chapel. Old-timers told that the estate of princes with Trinity Catholic Church connects the underpass, which is now swamped with and get to it easy.

Attractions Berestechko

Those who first appeared in Berestechko, it is strongly recommended to visit a peculiar business card of the city - Trinity Church, and the "Murowana pillar", referring to the architectural monuments of the 18th century. Deserves special attention and the Chapel of St. Thecla, built in the 17th century after the tragic events, when the Tatars captured the local people, many of whom were young girls and nuns. The invaders destroyed everything they could, and the inhabitants massacred. At this place was built a chapel.

How to get to the estate Pronskih

Since the city itself is small, then find the estate Pronskih not be easy enough to ask the locals. Street Address: Volyn region, Berestechko Street. Park 19.

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