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Mini-zoo, Yaremche

Mini-zoo, Yaremche

Yaremche Carpathian mountain town has many attractions (which is a ski resort), one of them - a mini-zoo. In fact, this sector created in 1992 for the conservation and breeding of wild animal species of the Carpathian natural park in their natural habitat.

Zoo is an open aviary area of 5.3 hectares and is divided into six areas where you can not only see, but also to feed the deer, wild boar, roe deer and other animals.

It should be noted that the mini-zoo justifies its name and scale: animals do not really have much. But the highlight is that the animals behaving naturally and even slightly cheeky, can be fed directly from the hands of the visitors as they are separated by only a small mesh. For privacy beasts go deep into the forests of Bukovina.

Even if there is nothing suitable to feed the cute baby animals, you can buy the food sold at the zoo. Of course, should come here with children, are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure.

This fairy-tale world is located on the outskirts of Yaremche, not far from where the river flows into the river Bagrovets Zhonka. The local landscape is perfect fit wooden houses, arbours, bridges. A more accurate address: Yaremche, st. Grushevskogo.

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