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Department of Physics ONU

Department of Physics ONU

Physics Department - one of the oldest departments of Odessa in Odessa . Begin by taking a physical office Novorossiysk university. Founding Faculty coincides with the date of creation of the University. In his time at the faculty worked outstanding scientists who greatly enriched the scientific achievements of the university.

History Faculty of Physics ONU

The building was built in 1820. The architect of the project was F. K .Boffo. In 1878, the architect DE Mazirova was completed third floor.

Originally it was a mansion Fundukleya. It lived Count Vorontsov until he built his palace on the Promenade . In the same building was and Office, which served as Pushkin.

In the late 19th century, the building was women`s gymnasium, later - women`s pedagogical courses. Nowadays there is the Physics Department of the University of Odessa, which at one time was the only university in the city. Physical faculty occupies this building during the time of Soviet rule.

Faculty of Physics of Odessa Odessa existed since the inception of the university in 1865. Since 1920 it joined po1960 years of math.

In the newly constructed building of the Faculty of Physics moved in late 1970. Previously, there was located the Faculty of Philology, which respectively moved to a new building on the Proletarian (now French ) Boulevard. At one time worked at the faculty are distinguished scholars:

  • FN Shvedov;
  • MO Terms;
  • AV Bogatsky;
  • VP Tsesevych;
  • Vladimir Serdyuk and others.

To date, the department has about 300 students. It seems Own Journal "Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technology". Also produced several scientific collections:

  • "Physics aerodispersive systems";
  • "Bulletin of the Odessa University";
  • "Photoelectronics";
  • "Odessa astronomical calendar."

Getting there

Department located on the street Pasteur in coastal areas. Along located aparthotel "Kostandi" . Close is Noble Street, where regularly go taxis. Several quarters have lane Mayakovsky, where stop tram number 3 and 12.


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