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Island Camp (Festival), Vinnitsa

Island Camp (Festival), Vinnitsa

Island Kemp called green oasis in Vinnitsa . Residents of the city are proud of this unique place. This is truly the cradle of the main city.

The history of the island Kemp

Some literary publications povedyvayut that the island belonged to the elder Bogush Koretsky. That he spent the first work on strengthening. But historical sources deny this information. In the 16th century there were special storage for prisoners. Also referred to the castle with the stables and store.

In 1604, the estate ran Valenti Kalinowski. During his reign erected new fortifications. This facility was designed to reflect the particular attacks Mongol tribes.

Today, the island is considered to be protected areas. The island represents the beauty of nature, the integrity of civilization. It also has a second name - Festival. This title was awarded to the island after the festival, "Dawn of the Bug." Nearby you can see the light and music fountain "Roshen" .

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