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National Preserve Ancient Galich, Galich

National Preserve Ancient Galich, Galich

National reserve "Ancient Galich" - a unique historical and archaeological monument of national importance. It was established in February 1994, according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The complex includes historical and cultural monuments, which are combined with each other similar landscapes and historical events.

What to see in the reserve "Ancient Galich"

The national reserve "Ancient Galich" has collected more than 200 archaeological monuments and 18 conservation projects. It covers the territory of the city of Galich, and sat Krylos, Shevchenkovo, Bolshovtsy. The reserve area is 80 sq. km.

The largest number of monuments are concentrated in the village Krylos:

  1. Assumption Cathedral was built in the second half of the 12th century, during the reign of Prince Yaroslav Osmomisla. He became one of the largest church in medieval Europe. The dimensions of the temple is 35 m by 37 m. To this day preserved foundations of the Assumption Cathedral and the sarcophagus in which the remains of Prince Yaroslav Osmomisla stored.
  2. St. Basil`s Chapel was built in the southwest corner of the cathedral in the 15th century. It preserved to the present day almost in its original form.
  3. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - one of the main architectural gems of modern Krylos . Construction lasted for two years, from 1584 at 1586. In 1676, during the temple of the Turkish-Tatar raids looted and partially destroyed. In 1699-1702 the restoration was carried out, the architectural style of the Renaissance (16th century) has been chosen for the temple.
  4. The remains of the princely Galic (11-13 century).
  5. Princely well - a source of healing on the slope of Mount Kriloskoy.
  6. The foundation Elias Church (12 century).

Also in the National Park includes museums:

On the basis of the national reserve "Ancient Galich" has a scientific library departments: art-restoration, protection of cultural heritage, economic and economic. Also here are held scientific conferences, publish monographs, catalogs, albums and many other printed products.

Getting there

Galich - the district center in Ivano-Frankivsk region, located 25 km north of the regional center. To get here tourist can on buses that depart from the central bus station in Ivano-Frankivsk , as well as their own transport. From the city taxis go to all villages, where facilities are concentrated.

Hours: 09:00 to 18:00.

Contact: +38 (03431) 2-16-63, +38 (03431) 2-21-17.

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