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Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ivano-Frankivs'k region

You are welcome to Ivano-Frankivs’k! It is a small regional center, located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, spills the atmosphere of pacification and serenity, just like a morning mist. There are more than 20 hotels and boarding houses in the city as well as its Airport; or maybe you would like to use a surface transport, that will take you more time, however this way, is to enjoy the Carpathians’ nature.


We invite you to this cozy town near the clock of the City Hall – the main sight of Stanislavov. That is the exactly former name of the town in honor of Stanislav Potots’kyi, the Polish hetman and its founder. The construction of the city began in the 17th century in the moment of the City Hall erection. It is the point we are going to meet the city’s museum of local lore, located in the center.


Later, in 1925, the city was renamed in honor of Ivan Franko, the Ukrainian writer. Its creative work is covered with the love secrecy – a love to the girl, lived in this city. Lots of his romantic verses are dedicated to this person. The Museum of the Art, to collect icon paintings and canvases of western-Ukrainian house painters is located in Parafiial’nyi Temple in baroque (tombs of Potots’ki). Ivano-Frankivs’k is the city of the art.


The whole city is saturated with romanticism. It reveals in antique buildings, stone blocks, friendly local residents who speak its dialect up to this moment. Every detail creates the atmosphere of the old-time period. If it is about romantic, it is time to go to the Stanislavs’ke Sea. Yeah, you are not mistaken. This is the name of the local sea, where the “Island of the enamored ones” stands in beauty in its center, linked with a bridge. There is a shuttle station at the lake – please, enjoy the voyage! The architecture of the city does impress. Cathedral Sobor of Voskresinnia (of Austria-Bavaria and Huzul styles), a former Armenian Church in baroque – today is Sviato-Pokrovs’kyi Temple to have the elements of fortified wall.


So, why not to run 100-metre sprint? This is the name of Nezalezhnist’ Street, titled by local population.  This long, main street is practically studded with restaurants, cafes and shops. Annually, at this place, the International Kovaliv Festival is arranged at the 1st week days of May and brings together the experts of a certain field from more than 20 world countries. Each one intends to represent its best forges sculptures; it is an incredible sight. It should be mentioned, it is a great flowerbed in summer, planted all with flowers. A map of Ivano-Frankivs’k looks like a morning dew. It is better to move on foot at these fabulous places but you may also use the local transport.


Maybe we will go out of the city? We may visit the Museum of Pysanka in Kolomyia, or taste healing water from a fountain at Maniavs’kyi Ckyt (to date is a fratry). A number of excursion tours offer to hit the road to the hills to gather herb, berries, mushrooms, and, of course, enjoy the unique nature of rippled waterfalls, flowering meadows; horse ridings will be a perfect pastime. December and March are a paradise for the fans of winter sports. The Carpathians in winter are incredible ones, and climbing the hills your breath is caught looking at landscape. On the way towards the mountains, drop in one of the “kolbs” and taste Guzul cuisine and don’t be afraid of the names – everything is unforgettably tastefully. Enjoy your pastime!   

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Креативне Прикарпаття
Тернопіль – Івано-Франківськ – Підгір’я – Лейбова гора – Старуня – Пнів – Яремче – Микуличин – Буковель – Татарів – Тернопіль
МЕГА-тур в Карпаты. 7 дней отдыха в Ворохте
Вы еще сомневаетесь, где провести выдавшуюся недельку выходных? Без сомнения, в самом прекрасном месте на планете - в Карпатах!«Сезон низких цен» Акция!Категория номера /Период08.11–12.12 18.10–07.11 27.09–17.10 30.08–26.0913.12–26.124-х местный однокомнатный6300 6850 720077508250 2-х местный однокомнатный (блочный с/у на два номера)Есть женское и мужское подселение!6700 7250 76008100 86503-х -местный однокомнатный6700 7250 76008100 8650 4-х местный двухкомнатный6700 72507600810086502-х местный "Эконом"7800 84509050 9800 10500 2-х местный "Стандарт"8300 89509600 10500 11300 Дети до 5 лет - бесплатно (без места и питания);Детям до 14 лет - скидка 25%;1-местное размещение предусмотренно в номерах категорий эконом и стандарт с доплатой 40% к общей стоимости путевки.Для туристов, путешествующих по одному, возможно размещение в номерах категории двухместный блочный с подселениембез доплат!
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