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Kharkiv, Kharkiv region

On the east of Ukraine there is one of the most powerful and beautiful cities of Ukraine – Kharkiv. It’s a big scientific center well known for its intellectual and creative potential. Kharkiv is considered to be the capital of students in Ukraine. Year by year more and more people, who are interested in getting new knowledge, come to this city. Universities and institutes offer different lines of development, the main of them are technical specialties. Some of universities have a research background, in particular, Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine.


Vasyl’ Karazin Kharkiv National University is well known and famous. There is an astronomical observatory there, which provides research work in physics of comets, satellites, planes, the Sun and asteroids. Using international programs scientists of the university cooperate with researchers from Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, China, Japan, England and other countries.


Vasyl’ Karazin Kharkiv National University is located on the biggest in Europe Svobody Square. It looks like a loop with a boulevard inside. You might feel space and time being here. Next to the university and the round square there is the State Industry Building, in Ukrainian known as Derzhprom. It is notable for its size and unique form.


Svobody Square is located close to Sums’ka Street. Theatre-goers and those who are fond of architecture and nature will be pleasantly surprised strolling along this street. You’ll be impressed by its expressive architecture and unique identity. Buildings in the style of Modernism, Classicism, Renaissance Revival, Constructivism and French Renaissance can be found there. You are well advised to start your trip down the street, from Konstytutsii Square, which is located not far from University hill. People say this is a holly place. Perhaps it’s due to the fact, that the Assumption Cathedral is location there. You may notice an eternal flame near it. At the foot of the hill the river Lopan’ flows. If classical music is your cup of tea, then visit this cathedral. Organ recitals take place here.


You may notice the Holy Shroud Monastery not far from that place. Atmosphere of love and calmness is reigned there. Another place of interest is the Annunciation Cathedral. The first thing you might notice is its bright color and interesting shape of the cathedral. Come into this building and you’ll be impressed with its extremely beautiful interior: big icons painted by artists Danylevs’kyi and Mychailov, including the main altar made of white Carrara marble. The illuminated from beneath cathedral makes evenings especially beautiful. You may notice one more cathedral on Gogolya Street. It is Roman Catholic Church built in Gothic style. Lancet windows and portals, high steeple of church will impress you.


We continue our trip along Sums’ka Street. The Mykhola Lysenko Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is located here. Sums’ka Street is also remarkable because of its beautiful Taras Shevchenko Academic Drama Theatre. Plays of this theatre are great success at prestigious international festivals and theatre forums. Next to the theatre Taras Shevchenko City Garden can be found, it is one of the oldest and the most beautiful parks of the city. Taras Shevchenko Memorial was built in memory of great Ukrainian poet and is a beautiful adornment of the garden. This multi-stage memorial with unforgettable landscapes around is considered by many as a symbol of Kharkiv. From the Kharkiv Cascade located in the west of the park you can expect sweeping views of the city.


Fountain “Dzerkal’nyi Strumin” is located on Sums’ka Street. It is especially beautiful at night because of its constant colour changing system reminding light show. It seems water dances in all the colours of the rainbow.


Sums’ka Street leads to Kharkiv Woodland Park, which covers 2386 hectares. Having a rest in this park you’ll have a great mood and feel harmony and calmness.


Walking through the city you might notice many monuments devoted fairy-tale heroes, such as Crocodile Gena, Doctor Aibolit, including monuments to a deer, a bison, a frog and even eggs. Architectures Square contains a fantastic monument devoted flying lovers.


Those who are fond of art, history and voyages will never be bored in Kharkiv. On Sovnarkomivs’ka Street you may find four museums: the Art Museum, the Police Museum, the Kharkiv Museum of Slobozhanshchyna Folk Art and the Sea Museum. In addition to those mentioned above there is quite interesting Research and Educational Museum of World Sexual Cultures, which contains canvas of artists from ancient Egypt, pictures of ancient China, ancient figures, reproductions of Picasso, Mane, including paintings of modern artists and photos.


If you want to feel local colour or buy anything, be sure to find it at the great Kharkiv Market known as Barabashov.


Kharkov is going to be a host city for group matches of Euro-2012. They’ll take place at the Central Metalist Stadium located on 65 Plechanivs’ka Street, in Kominterivs’kyi region. To help all tourists and guests of the city Center for Development of International Cooperation was created. 


News Kharkiv

Харківський «Диснейленд» 2017: чим радує парк Горького в цьому сезоні
Харківський «Диснейленд», як ще називають парк Горького, в цьому році обзавівся новинками. Серед них – веселий пряниковий будиночок. Ця казкова споруда – будинок малюка, наданий у розпорядження матусь, які можуть погодувати в ньому діток, провести гігієнічні процедури і трохи відпочити.
Харківські залізничники відкрили музей у вагоні
Зараз ми маємо змогу користуватися для пасажирських та вантажних перевезень сучасними потягами. Проте забувати про історію розвитку залізниці, будівництва та удосконалення вагонів не варто.

Tours Kharkiv

Пеший поход по Грузинскому Кавказу (Приказбечье)
Трансфер на Кавказ - заказным автобусом, через города, в которых можно присоедениться к группе:Павлоград - Харьков - Белгород - Ростов на Дону - Невинномысск - Пятигорск - Нальчик - Владикавказ - Степанцминда. Возвращаться будем этим же маршрутом (в обратном направлении).1700 км мы приодолеем за сутки, в одну сторону. 
Тур по-взрослому (3 дня)
Пирамида, производство алкоголя, круглый двор - "колизей", выставочные залы шоколада и кофе, уникальный музей сексуальных культур мира, один из крутейших парков развлечений Европы, самое высокое колесо обозрения в Украине, и одна из лучших канатных дорог мира в одном туре! Стоимость тура: Взрослый 1/DBL* -  Пенсионеры -  Одноместное размещение - 
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