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Synevyr, Mizhhirs'kyi district

Sinevir village located in the Carpathians on the banks of the river Tereblya, surrounded by mountain hills covered with forests. The first mention of the village belong to the 16th century. Located at an altitude of 1,145 settlement meters above sea level. In 1989, near the village was created National Park " Synevir ", with an area of 43 hectares. There are also famous marshes and Gluhanya Zamshatka, picturesque lake - Wild and Sinevir.

Not long ago, the park was launched only in Ukraine Rehabilitation Centre of brown bears abused in captivity. Its area is 12 hectares, is a forest with rivers and waterfalls, raspberry and blackberry bushes. The territory is fenced, which is equipped with "electroshepherd." Animals are kept in semi-free conditions, and bears are not released into the wild, they will have to be old. The Center is open for tourists.

At 6 kilometers from the village Synevyr in the tract Black River, is a unique museum of forest and timber rafting , there are exhibits telling about this fishery since the days of antiquity to the present day.

Lake Sinevir

Is the same lake 16 kilometers from the village Sinevir and is the deepest and largest lake of the Carpathians, one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. The lake is surrounded by majestic forests, in its clear waters reflected the blue of the sky, perhaps, why it is called the "sea eye", as bird`s-eye view, it really looks like an eye. An area of ​​7 hectares, maximum depth - 24 meters. The road to the lake passes through Synevyrska pass beauty of this place is breathtaking, dazzling scenery seen, they should see. Every year the lake visiting the huge army of tourists, both in summer and winter. The lake has an observation deck where you can enjoy all the beauties of "Pearls of the Carpathians."

There is a legend about the origin of the lake. In ancient times, the rich graph had a daughter named Xin unparalleled beauty, her eyes were blue sky. Girl met a shepherd named Vir, and they loved each other at first sight. When this was learned the girl`s father, then forbade her to meet with a guy, so as not to disgrace the noble family. But she resisted his father`s will, then he ordered the killing of a Man, dropping him boulder off a cliff. Overwhelmed Xin grabbed the stone hands, she cried so that at this point the lake was formed in the middle of which still can see the stone that killed her beloved. Since then, the lake is called Sinevir.

At any time, these places are equally beautiful, presented to the guests a variety of leisure activities. Summer - it`s fishing in trout farms, cycling, visiting cultural and architectural monuments, mineral springs, horseback riding, picking berries and mushrooms. Winter - it is an opportunity to try their hand in the development of ski, toboggan and snowboard. There is a ski resort Sinevir . The route to the lift has a length of 200 meters, elevation of 50 meters. Lovers of exotic offer sleigh rides pulled by horses. Pure mountain air fills the body with extra energy, helps to restore power after the city.

Where to stay

Many recreation centers and hotels are located near Lake Synevyr level of service and comfort pleasantly pleased. You can also remove a private cottage, or take advantage of low-cost housing in the private sector Sinevir village. In addition, you can come with tents and spend the night at a campsite, with this place will need to pay.

How to get there

From Justa to Intermountain bus, then to Sinevir 18 km, between runs bus, go to the village need Synevyrska Polyana. You can take a taxi. The road is bad.

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Тур Закарпаття на вихідні познайомить вас із красивим і затишним європейським містом Ужгород; повезе вас подивитися на Ужгородський, Мукачівський та Чинадіївський замки і палац графа Шенборна. Разом ми помандруємо дегустувати ароматні закарпатські вина, і найголовніше, милуватися природою Карпат: озеро Синевир, водоспад Шипіт, притулок для ведмедів, панорамний підйомник.
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