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History Museum (Visitor Centre)

History Museum (Visitor Centre)

Museum, opened in the environmental visitor center of the National Natural Park "Synevir" - it`s not all the usual exposure to dusty shelves or in glass halls and outdoor exhibition.

On the territory of "living" museum of local lore fully reproduced the typical village, which was in Verhovine until 1920. Here you can walk along the streets, to look into each of the 20 buildings. They displayed the life of mountaineers, who were engaged in different activities and having different social and financial standing.

Immediately after the massive wooden gates "Visit Center" are loggers houses and the poor. From them is a path paved with raised from the bottom of the mountain river stones, which leads to the gendarmerie station. Next - House Ovcara, mills, forges and Well, where to the delight of visitors bred newts. There are many buildings, including the chapel and parish school, which perfectly capture the spirit of the time.

This museum does not just go, consider, listen to the guides. On the territory Visit Center regularly hosts ethnic festivals, workshops and thematic conferences that take place in an open-air amphitheater.


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