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Liubart Castle
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вул. Кафедральна 27, м. Луцьк 43000, Волинська область, Україна
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Lubart Castle was built in the 14th century and today is one of the wonders of Ukraine, the pride of Lutsk . This building was preserved from the time of Duchy of Lithuania to the present day virtually unchanged, and it is a rarity. An architectural masterpiece with towers, arches, bridges, old ...
Tower Czartoryski (Roundabout Castle)
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вул. Драгоманова 29а, Луцьк 43000, Україна
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Strict medieval appearance tower Czartoryski said that this building was erected as a fortification. Today it is one of the attractions of Lutsk, near which guests love to be photographed city. In the 14-15th centuries thick walls served to strengthen the defense capability Roundabout castle. The ...
Small castle (synagogue)
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вул. Данила Галицького 33, Луцьк 43000, Україна
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Little Castle - an architectural monument of the 17th century, built with the permission of the Polish King Sigismund III, with the assistance of a large Jewish community of Lutsk. This is the oldest building in the southwestern part of the old Lutsk , which was mainly inhabited by Jews.   The ...
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