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Tunnel of Love in Klevan

Tunnel of Love in Klevan


Western Polessye differs extraordinary natural beauty. It is in this place, surrounded by pine forests, is a small ancient settlement of urban type - Klevan. The most interesting place in this city is so the title of "Tunnel of Love".


There are records, according to which Klevan existed in the 12th century. Previously, he was known as a family owned and Kolivan Count Czartoryski, who built here their nominal lock. Now the town itself is marked on the map thanks to the train station in the direction of Exactly Kovel.


A few kilometers east of pecking you find abandoned railroad tracks. Earlier they used to transport trees on Orzhevsky woodworking plant. This road passes through the dense forest. Trees on both sides constantly pruned, and they began to grow up densely. After some time, they formed a "living wall", and at the top, interwoven - the "ceiling". Thus, at km stretch of the railway tunnel band appeared. Locals call it "Klevanskim subway."


Tunnel created by nature itself - only one in the Ukraine and in the world he has no analogues. In Japan there is a bamboo tunnel, although it is created by human hands. Klevansky tunnel or pergola - a natural fence of plants, once considered specially grown for shelter here passing trains military ammunition. However, the rail branch of the military unit begins much earlier than the tunnel.


"Klevanskoe Metro" is better known because of its romantic name - "Tunnel of Love". There is a local legend that the name he received because of the tragic history of the two lovers. Girl and guy from Klevan loved each other, but in Shakespeare's tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" they were not destined to be together. There is now the tunnel, and broke the story of their romantic love. So tell the locals. However, this does not diminish from visiting tourists desire leisurely walk on the shady "alley of love."


"Tunnel of Love" - ​​a great place to visit at any time of year. However, in the summer, when you stand in front of a thick green fence, it seems that you get to the grotto of the Greek goddess of love. You can hide from the summer heat.


The beauty of nature and the love story associated with the tunnel, unwittingly created a tradition. Couples and honeymooners visit this place because it brings good luck and strengthens the relationship of lovers. It hosts a photo shoot on the wedding day. There is also video was filmed Ukrainian group with the same name of the song "Tunnel of Love".


Get to this place, you can through the regional center of Rivne. Sitting on the bus going to Lutsk, get off at "Klevan." From the village to the "Tunnel of Love" about 7 kilometers to the east.


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