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Templar Castle Restaurant, Shevchenkovo

Templar Castle Restaurant, Shevchenkovo

Restaurant "Castle" Templar "is located in a suburban restaurant and entertainment complex on the outskirts of the settlement Shevchenko. This amazing facility combines the delicious cuisine of medieval theater performances. Architecture of the 13th century will feel the mysterious Knights of the Temple and forget about their troubles, watching the performances of those times. Visitors to the restaurant "Templars" have to evaluate stylized antique castle rooms, amazing attributes of chivalry and a beautiful park with a pond.

Castle "Templars"

The building was built in the style of a medieval castle. In the interior there are swords, shields and items knight theme. Near the lake and a mini-zoo, a golf tournament. Guests are greeted Knight of the Knights Templar and waitresses serve in medieval costumes.

The area is divided into house rooms:

  • dining rooms decorated with arms and chivalrous trappings are on two levels;
  • closed two small rooms "hall masters" and "Hall of Leonardo."

Restaurant services

Restaurant "Castle of the Knights Templar" offers high-quality facilities and services:

  • a variety of delicious Ukrainian and European cuisine;
  • live music;
  • food delivery;
  • festivals and theatrical performances.

Special cuisine is sure to impress even the most demanding gourmets - the castle has always been famous for its delicious dishes. The basis of the menu is meat dishes, cooked on the grill. A wide selection of fish dishes and some game items. Also regularly organize medieval theatrical performance and jousting tournaments.

Getting to the restaurant

Restaurant "Templar castle" is on route Nikolaev - Kherson , in the village of Shevchenko . You can get both the settlement and highway driving.

Telephone: +38 (0512) 71-77-18, +38 (067) 515-24-86.

Hours: 10:00 to 23:00.

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