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Andriyivskyi Descent

Andriyivs'kyi Descent

Andrew`s descent - is the official monument of town, recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in 2012. The historical significance of the old street is so high that it was decided to give a special status. And it is easy to see, making a walk along the street. The atmosphere is unique atmosphere, rich with legends, beautiful architecture, classical music and art crafts.

Andrew`s descent was named in honor of an Orthodox church, built in the late 1700s. St. Andrew`s Church dominates the descent, heading it gracefully. The architectural ensemble of the temple in the grand Baroque style makes the beginning of the street especially attractive. As if playing to a given tone, all other buildings descent as great. The basic idea of the exteriors of the neighborhood - aristocracy.

The main attractions are the descent of Mikhail Bulgakov Museum , well-known as the House of Turbin, a monument to Mikhail Bulgakov, One Street Museum , and Castle of Richard the Lionheart . This is just a small list of the most beautiful places of descent, which is closely studded with historical monuments of Kiev.

On the way, along the St. Andrew`s descent, you can find open areas for theater performances, strolling entertainers. As well as artists who often put their close work, and many other interesting details, such as souvenir shops and fragrant coffee shops.

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