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St Mykhailo Cathedral

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral

St. Michael`s Cathedral is included in the list of the most popular places in Kiev. Cathedral is located in the cultural center of the capital and is a neighbor of at least popular Golden Gate and St. Andrew`s Church . The temple has a special significance for the people of Kiev, because the dedicated defender of the Archangel Michael in Kiev. According to legend, it was the dome of the cathedral for the first time have been covered with gold leaf. Hence the name - Michael`s. In the 12th century it served as the burial place of the princes.

Temple has experienced in his lifetime many tests. He endured numerous sieges and raids on Kiev in antiquity. Striking fact that during the Soviet regime shrine, despite numerous attempts, and failed to destroy or alter under the administrative building. The only thing to which he could not resist - this time.

Currently Cathedral completely renovated and is ready to receive pilgrims from around the world. Best masters worked hard to restore the unique frescoes, mosaics, moldings and much more. Complex murals correspond to the ancient Russian art of the temple, and the golden dome surmounted by a cross with openwork carving.

Visiting places such as St. Michael`s Cathedral, cleanses the soul and mind, gives lightness and strength, helps to concentrate on the essentials.

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