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The L'viv Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko

The L'viv Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko

Taking a walk in the park Striysky , look in the old building, preserving the memory of Ivan Franko, famous writers, scientists, politicians and public figures of Ukraine. Now his house literary-memorial museum.

Exhibits - more than 26 thousand. They are all connected with the creative work and life of this remarkable man. You are immersed in an atmosphere in which he lived and worked Franco desk in the office, it inkwell with pen, box, candle holder, near the pile of books and paper knife. These things, original manuscripts, lovely black and white photo of the writer and his family allows you to move in his era.

The museum regularly conduct literary evenings, as well as an exhibition dedicated to the work of Franco.


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Знову у Львові, бо моє серце тут
Насолодіться атмосферою стародавнього Львова. Звідки взявся знаменитий львівський національний дух і що робили місцеві патріоти для України – львівські гіди розкажуть про усе доступно і цікаво. А відвідини Карпат і мальовничих місцин поблизу Львова зроблять цю подорож оригінальною і ще цікавішою.
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