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St Petro and Pavlo Cathedral (Jesuit Church)

St Petro and Pavlo Cathedral (Jesuit Church)

In the center of historic Lviv stands Jesuit Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. One of the most majestic and important cultural facilities of the city. The cathedral is located on the street Theatre. This Lviv attraction is very attractive for visitors.

Construction of the cathedral lasted 20 years from 1610. History has not preserved the name of the author of the project, but it is known that the first stone was laid Jesuit monks. Work on the construction led the Italian architect named Giacomo Briano.
Jesuit church luxurious outside and no less gorgeous inside, made in the Baroque style. The walls are decorated with moldings and sculptures, reliefs and ancient frescoes. But the greatest value and pride of the cathedral is a baroque altar of the 18th century.
Cathedral shrouded in mystery. He is spoken of as the most mysterious temple. And all thanks to the underground. There hovers the spirit of the medieval city. There is a legend that in the maze dungeon wanders Black Monk.
The church services are held, and the cave can be visited with a guided tour to fully feel the power of the holy place.

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