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The Zaporizhian Sich History and Culture Complex

The Zaporizhian Sich History and Culture Complex

Historical and Cultural Complex "Zaporozhye" is located in the national reserve "Khortytsya" in the city of Zaporozhye. Construction of the complex began in 2005. It is a recreated copy of an old Cossack settlement. Long before its opening, the complex had become a popular tourist attraction because of the shooting in the territory of the Russian film "Taras Bulba".

Here you can get acquainted with the life and the life of the Cossacks, to take part in numerous festivals and celebrations. Even the most experienced travelers will impress with their originality and beauty of Cossack riding duels and melee combat.

The complex "Zaporozhye" there are a variety of farm buildings, churches, and houses built behind a high fence. This tourist site is unique, not only from a cultural or historical point of view, and still features the original construction technology using natural, eco-friendly materials.

Guests who come here can see such interesting exposition facilities like: "Office of the Branch", "House Cossack chieftain", "smoking" and "Protection of the Holy Virgin." All created interiors, typical of Cossack. In addition, in the village recreated Pushkarnaya and Sich school. Initially, also were built and farm buildings, which were located outside the fortress. However, these buildings are not protected by walls were destroyed and looted. You will see here are also amazing monuments - stone circles, which are the oldest shrines and places of worship to the gods.

Near the complex is the city of artists, where you can buy or order made on an individual project forged piece, painted wooden instrument or buy national embroidery. The island also is equestrian theater where you can see the Cossacks dressed in traditional costumes and demonstrate their skills in exercises with swords and riding. After the speech, offers horseback riding, and in the winter - sleigh rides. Also be sure to taste the national Ukrainian dishes that skilled chefs cook right in front of you.

Historical and Cultural Complex "Zaporozhye" is very popular among tourists from different countries. In addition, during the online voting, in which more than seventy-seven thousand, the national reserve "Khortytsya" was recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

You can get to the complex by taxi, which leave from "Metal Prospect" in the city of Zaporozhye, as well as on the city bus route number 50. 

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