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House connection

House connection

The first building in the style of Russian classicism at this site was built in 1811, St. Petersburg architect A. Zakharov. The property is a two-storey house and a single storey side wings. The building was reconstructed several times. While here various institutions: county government offices, later city fire brigade and others.

At the beginning of XX century in place of the demolished side wing was built three-storey building Poltava female Industrial Art School named after SS Khruleva nouveau. The building does not fit into the classic ensemble Circus.

In 1943, the buildings were destroyed. After the war it was decided to build   this place Poltava post office, respecting all the traditions of classical architecture, in order to maintain a consistent stylistic image Round Square. Job was done.

In 1953 - 1958 the building was built in the neoclassical style. The project was designed by architects Boitchenko DS, DS Verotskim, ZP Marchenko. The main facade is decorated with six-columned portico of the Ionic order, surmounted by a triangular pediment.

Post House became the perfect end of the architectural ensemble of the Round Square.

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