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Pub-museum "Gas Lamp"


His name shall restaurant kerosene lamp invented Lviv pharmacists Zegom and Jan Ignacy Łukasiewicz in 1853. The whole interior is dedicated to the invention, there are more than 200 lamps of different eras, photographs and reproductions of various fixtures with brief information about them, which is quite correspond museum exhibition. Near the entrance to the restaurant is set sculpture Jan sera with his invention, and his partner is located in the third floor. This is one of the favorite places to photograph guests.

The restaurant occupies three floors at the top - glass terrace with a beautiful view of the ancient city of Lviv , there has a large lantern, symbolizing the motto of the restaurant, "Go into the world." At the entrance, visitors are welcomed conductor with a lighted lantern, it illuminates the way to the restaurant halls that are filled with ancient atmosphere and unobtrusive fragrance oil lamp.

The place offers a wide selection of branded spirits ("gasivka", "naftovka", "benzinovka" et al.) In combination with a delicious Ukrainian cuisine, all complemented by music in the style of grunge and rock.

Is a restaurant-museum "Gasova Lampe" in the center of Lviv on the street Armenian, 20.

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