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Golitsyn Palace

Golitsyn Palace

Modern palace Golitsyn Trostyantse known as the cultural complex, which includes art and local museums, galleries and coffee chocolate room. Guests come here to the city every day to get acquainted with the history of the region. The townspeople loved Castle Park for the opportunity to take a walk here in the evening and at weekends.

It is interesting that the external decoration of the palace completely retained its original appearance. Luxury stucco and antique sculptures in niches give manor grandeur and gentility. Refinement facilities emphasize the elements of baroque and neo-classical facade of the building and decorating the room.

The mansion was built in the 18th century did not Prince Golitsyn, as the name might suggest, but the landlords Nadarzhinskimi. Kharkov Vasily Golitsyn got this house in dowry and owned it until 1881. During this time the house as guests visited by many famous people, among whom was the young Tchaikovsky. Golitsyn Palace known as the estate, which was written by the overture to the first symphonic work of the great composer on the drama "Thunderstorm". In memory of this event in the museum of local lore Trostyantsa constantly exposition on the life of Tchaikovsky.

It is interesting that even today in the halls of the mansion classical music concerts and poetry readings.

In 2012, in the left wing of the manor was opened Trostianetsky chocolate museum . In the sweet realm can be photographed on a background of chocolate sculptures Indian crown, large cocoa bean and try different varieties of this delicacy. The museum is open daily from 9 am to 17 Tickets range from 5 to 10 hryvnia.

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