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Reserve "Medobory"


On the beautiful terrain Podolsk Upland impressively emerges a long series of hills, called "Medobory." The reserve is located on the territory of Gusyatinsky and Pidvolochysk Raion, Ternopil region.   The area was called "Medobory" because there grows very large number of honey plants.

State Reserve "Medobory" was created in 1990. A significant expansion of its territory was made in 2000.   The territory of the protected area is divided into two parts - "Medobory" and   "Kremenets mountains."   The area of ​​each of them is almost the same and is about 10 thousand hectares.

The reserve is located in the unique geological formation - Tovtry, is a narrow hilly strand isolated hills and ridges that rise above the surrounding area of ​​60-100 meters.

The main purpose of the protected zone was the intention to preserve the unique natural complexes in pristine condition. Together with the unique nature, the wealth of protected area consists of different species of animals and plants relic. Many of them are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

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