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Moscow (North) gate

Moscow (North) gate

Moskovskie Vorota - one of the oldest buildings in Kherson . They were part of a complex of fortifications of the city. Today, they are considered   an architectural monument of national importance.

Line up the gates were in 1783. During the construction of the Moscow gate used bricks. The gates were located in the northeastern part of the Kherson fortress . The bridge is designed in classic style of military construction. Here there is a pit, and a lifting mechanism. Last I joined the military suburb with a fortress. Gates are so named in the direction of the road. She led from the fortress of Kherson to Moscow or St. Petersburg. These gates forever go down in history of the city and not just for his defensive ability. In the spring of 1787 through the gate she had entered the Kherson Catherine II surrounded by a large retinue.

There are no less interesting buildings Kherson fortress that survived, such as the   Ochakovskaya gates . It is worth to take a look at them and to have a more complete picture of the fortress.

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