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Kherson Fortress

Kherson Fortress

Kherson castle - fortification miracle not only in Kherson, but the whole of the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. Construction of the fortress dates from the late 18th century, the main objective - the protection of strategically important from a geopolitical point of view, in that period, the city - Kherson.

History of Kherson fortress

Construction of the fortress began September 8, 1778 by the architect M. Vetoshkina with the assistance of I. Hannibal, I. Herman, K. gake. The head of the project, Prince Grigory Potemkin. In 1787 the castle was handed over, the event was timed to the arrival in the city of Empress Catherine II. Fortress meets all the requirements in the organization of the fortifications at the time - around a powerful poured earth mound, dug a moat. These two conditions made it impossible to hit the walls of the fortress attacking side. The special shape of the fortress allowed soldiers to fire from any angle.

In the cellars of the fortress in the event of prolonged sieges dug tunnels and set of moves. Apart from the fortress built several auxiliary buildings shops of provisions, a powder magazine, an artillery workshop and so on.

Despite threats that occurred several times over the fortress, she did not participate in any of the battles, and September 22, 1835 by order of Nicholas II and all was transferred into the possession of the city. During this period, a new page in the life of the building. Most buildings were redeemed rich Kherson to build houses in the central part of the city.

What can be seen in the fortress

We have survived only a "Moscow" (northern) and "Ochakovo" (western) gate of the fortress. Powder cellar was converted into a restaurant. Also preserved a few fragments of the shaft and one of the earliest buildings of Kherson fortress - Arsenal, today - the building of the city jail.

How to get to the fortress in Kherson

Kherson fortress, which marked the beginning of founding of the city of Kherson is located on the territory of Komsomolsk park on the street Perekop, 13. You can get here by public transport of the city. Stop - Park Lenin Komsomol.

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