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Town Hall, Mukachevo

Town Hall, Mukachevo

Town hall - the dominant construction of Peace Square , and perhaps all of Mukachevo .

City Hall is made ​​in the Art Nouveau style, designed by the famous Hungarian architect Janos Granny Bush. Construction was completed in 1904. Since then, she serves as the administrative building. Today it houses the city council.

Architecture Hall perfectly complements the overall landscape of the city. The elegant features of the building attracts attention. Massive arched columns form the main entrance to the building. Along the edges of the town hall there are two towers, which also move upward. All elements of buildings stretched to the sky. All this gives the ease of building architecture.

Tower clockwork issued slightly forward. Chimes for Hall made the master Joseph Shovinsky. In the manufacture of details of the mechanism used in steel and bronze. Clockwork qualitatively so that from 1904 hours without failure report townspeople exact time his ringing. Shortly after the completion of construction, the Town Hall was recognized as the best in Europe.

In the backyard, including a neat garden, the exposition of sculptures. Despite the fact that the town hall are administrative bodies, the entrance is free for visitors.

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