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Drogobych saltworks

Drogobych saltworks

The first mention of the oldest saltworks of Ukraine, located in Drohobych, dates from the 13th century. Salt mining began in this region with small wells near lakes salt brine. Soon grew around the source of the city, which in a short time became a commercial and industrial center of Galicia.

Salt mined in Drohobych enterprise, in the Middle Ages was exported to many European countries. But most of its heyday saltworks reached when the Austrian rule. After the collapse of the Soviet Union became a private company, but now he was returned to public ownership.

Now you can visit the saltworks, book a tour. Tourists will show salt mine and demonstrate how to extract salt. Incidentally, this process for several centuries virtually unchanged. Natural brines extracted with a depth of 60 meters, after which they are pumped into the aquifer. Then evaporated salt, crushed and sent it to the packing. You can see it all his eyes, tours are offered on request. By the way, on the basis of vintage shops plan to create a museum.

You can get to the saltworks of the Church of St. Jura or from the street. Salty rates.


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