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Bishop`s House (History Museum), Zhitomir

Bishop`s House (History Museum), Zhitomir

Exactly - a small town with a great historical heritage, familiarize yourself with whom it will be interesting to tourists and visitors to the city. At the Castle Square is located just a few attractions. And one of them - the museum.

Since the construction of the house has been painted in blue, and at its entrance were two guns. Few people, even the locals know it   house once belonged to the bishop of the Catholic Church.

But since 1865, this building is functioning museum. The museum`s collection began to take shape with the first exhibit, what is a set of 48 minerals provided M.Chertakovym, governor of Volyn. Nowadays exposure are the visitors   pictures of Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, German, Polish and Russian artists.   You can also explore the natural history exhibits and a large collection of paintings that tell the history of the city.

The museum, whose age exceeds 150 years, offers its visitors to get acquainted with the rich   taxidermist collection, representing more than 12,000 exhibits. In addition, in the museum you can find a collection of precious stones and models of space technology.

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