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Area Sheptitskogo, Ivano-Frankovsk

Area Sheptitskogo, Ivano-Frankovsk

Area Sheptitskogo in Ivano-Frankivsk annually welcomes its thousands of tourists. This atmospheric place was named in honor of Andrei Sheptytsky, because he did a lot for the city.

Sheptitsky and Stanislav

Andrey Sheptytsky is known not only as a famous religious figure. He founded the Lviv National Museum and gained for him a large number of exhibits. Incidentally, this museum has two buildings, one of which is located on Liberty Avenue, and the other - on the street Dragomanov in a former palace Dunikowski. Also during World War II hiding enter Metropolitan Andrey at people, regardless of their religion.

But Bishop linked their lives not only from Lviv. In February 1899 he was elected bishop Sheptitsky Stanislavsky (Stanislav - the former name of Ivano-Frankivsk).

Although he remained in office just over a year, he did a lot of good things. During this time Sheptytsky visited many parishes. Because of the higher Greek Catholic clergy, he first spoke to his congregation vernacular. And he wrote the first letter to the Gutsuliya their dialect.

For this the grateful residents named one of the central squares of the city name Sheptitskogo. But this title is relevant only to 1990, before the area was named after one of the Russian politicians - Uritsky.

In addition, in August 2015, in Ivano-Frankivsk, unveiled a monument to Andrew Sheptytsky.

Attractions and festivals in the area Sheptitskogo

The area is popular with both residents and tourists. This is due to the fact that is located near the Market Square. Also on the square held many festivals, "Festival of blacksmiths", "Bread Festival" and "Carpathian Opening Day."

In the square there are two main monuments:

1. Holy Resurrection Cathedral.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral was built in the early 18th century as a Jesuit church. When it housed a school and a convent. It is assumed that in the place of the present cathedral was once a wooden church. About her record found in magazines traveler Ulrich von Werdum, who visited in 1672, Stanislav.

  • In the middle of the 18th century we had to rebuild the shrine. The reason was a bad foundation, and some design flaws.
  • But in 1773 the territory was captured Prykarpattia Austrian Empire. Jesuit Order was canceled, and the temple was closed. As for the temple no one cared, he began to break down.
  • With the arrival of the city Andrei Sheptytsky began to restore the church. The reconstruction took place with the financial support of the bishop.
  • Since 1939, in the premises of the cathedral housed a Polish high school, and after the establishment of Soviet power in the city - the case of the medical university.

Already since independence in church again began to hold services.

2. The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Peer catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the oldest building of Ivano-Frankivsk. The exact date of its construction history hides. We know that once on the site of the present temple was a wooden church. Andrzej Potocki, the founder of the city, got to the temple was awarded the title of the collective in 1669. Subsequently, there have opened the so-called branch of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Imagine, in this small wooden church acted curriculum sample of Western European schools of this type!

It is worth noting that the church - the only religious building that is used for other purposes. Today it houses the Museum of Art.

How to get to the area

Sheptytsky Square in the heart of the city, west of Market Square. To reach the area, you must walk down the street a few meters Galician (Market Square should be in the back) and turn right.

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