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Sevastopol, Sevastopol' city council

In the south-west of the Crimean peninsula is a sunny city of Sevastopol. In history it is known as Chersonese - ancient sea port and merchant metropolis, the largest political and cultural center of Tauris, that is, the Crimea. Now, he is spoken of as a popular tourist town. Because you will not find it unusual that most of the attractions of Sevastopol marine-themed and with ancient times.


Familiarity with the city, which is more than two thousand years, start with a visit to the National Park "Chersonese." In 1996, it was listed by UNESCO as hundreds of the greatest monuments in the world. Within the reserve are the ruins of the once powerful ancient city, which was created in the years 422-421 BC by settlers from Heraclea Pontus. Now you can walk along the ancient Chersonesos, see white columns, the remains of fortifications and towers. Pay special attention to the Tower of Zeno. In its heyday, it was of great importance in the defense system of the city, because constantly rebuilt and improved. Inside the tower are various architectural and sculptural details that are reminiscent of the skill Chersonesites. By National Wildlife Refuge, which is located outside the ancient, can be reached by taxi number 10, 2, 4 and 6, the bus stop, "Dmitry Ulyanov Street."


Also, in the ancient city the bell. Once upon a time it was taken out of Tauris and placed on the bell tower of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. But in the early 20th century, he was returned to his native land to promote the French consul. Now the bell Musketeers Bay warns ships of the proximity of the shore when the sea rises fog.


In the same bay Musketeers were Orthodox Memorial Church - Cathedral of Prince Vladimir of Kiev. It was erected in 1867 as a reminder that it is in the Chersonese Duke of Kiev was baptized and married Anne of Byzantium. The cathedral was designed by Russian architect David Grimm in Byzantine style. It was used for cladding and Carrara marble GASPRINSKY, giving a kind of monumental cathedral. Tridtsatimetrovy white stone church was the largest Orthodox building in the Crimea.


In Sevastopol also many historical monuments and architectural structures to engage with the city in the Crimean War in the years 1853-1855 and the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945. The greatest memorial complex in memory of these battles is the Malakhov Kurgan. There are 20 items, and the building of the complex performs the function of a defensive structure. Also there is a mass grave of soldiers who participated in the Crimean War, and the monuments to the heroes of World War II. The memorial can be reached by trolley bus № 7, 17, 1, came out at the "Malakhov Kurgan".


As for the architecture, on the Black Sea Fleet military services, there are also a lot of them, like the ancient buildings. Interesting are the "Monument to the flooded ships", which is located in the sea on the Promenade. Also heroic glory shrouded 35th Coastal Battery. In its dungeons are a lot of interesting exhibits. Get to Kherson peninsula can be straight from the Primorsky Boulevard by bus number 95, 95-A and 105. Another interesting object for you to visit a military factory will repair submarines in Balaklava.


Arriving in Sevastopol, do not forget to visit the largest aquarium in the Ukraine. It is divided into four rooms with different habitat for certain species. The city's aquarium, you can get in any taxi that goes to the center of the city, that is, to the Artillery Bay.


If you want to enjoy the beauty of the blue sea and soak up the sun, visit Cape Fiolent. It is almost deserted beach with the cleanest air and water. You can also look into the Balaklava bay, out of the sea winds. Net Laspi Bay is also a great place for privacy and relaxation. It is surrounded by centuries-old trees that permeate the air a pleasant pine scent.These pieces of nature can take you to the bus station of Sevastopol, sitting on a bus with a certain route.


Also visit the ancient cave city "Mangup Kale" and Eski-Kerman, located near the city. By Mangup Kale can be reached by bus from Bakhchisaray Bakhchisaray-Zalesnaya. By Eski-Kerman you reach on foot. However, the best option is to hire a driver in Sevastopol on passenger cars, which will drive you straight to the rocks, where the mountain towns.


In the vicinity of Sevastopol - Inkerman and Balaclava are medieval fortifications. Fedorov Kalamita fortress was built in Inkerman, where you can visit one of the famous factory of vintage wines. In Balaklava bay are the ruins of Genoese - Genoese fortress, where a century ago exiled deposed Crimean khans.


The development of this interesting town is sure to cost to start the summer. That's when the Crimean peninsula offers to its guests in full beauty!

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