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Castles Kyiv

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Castle of Richard-the-Lion-Heart
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Андріївський узвіз 15, Київ, Україна
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For many centuries the city of Kyiv is well known for its heritages of Ukrainian and world culture. On the streets of modern Kyiv, among European skyscrapers, you can surely see ancient buildings and structures. The Castle of Richard-the-Lion-Heart is a pride of Andriyivskyi Descent. After all, the ...
Baron Shteingel Estate
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вул. Ярославів Вал 1, Київ 01034, Україна
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House Baron Shteingel in Kiev is located on the street Yaroslav Val, and reminds his castle views. The mansion was built in the late 19th century to the landlord Michael Podgorski project a young and very talented architect Nicholas Dobachevskogo. Special chic building attached bizarre tower with a ...
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