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Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square

Nowhere in Odessa happened so many changes, both at the Cathedral Square. Moved here fountains, destroying temples and then destroyed the monuments of the initiators of the demolition of temples. But let`s start from the beginning.

Cathedral Square is located in the city center and is formed by the intersection of three streets: Garden, Deribasovskaya and Transfiguration. Since the founding of Odessa it was the main Cathedral Square, there were and are the main city festivals. At its center is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, whose construction began during the founding of Odessa and lasted for almost a hundred years. All work is finally completed only in 1903, but 30 years later the church was blown up.

This place was empty for a long time, until there is not decided to erect a monument to Stalin, continuing the best traditions of the Soviet era. However, the monument stood briefly and practically not remember Odessa. Only in 1999, once again began to recover the lost cathedral, which to date has been completely renovated.

Impossible not to mention another important attractions, which is in the northern part of the Cathedral Square. This bronze statue of Count Vorontsov, whose name is linked to the flourishing of Odessa.

Today, Cathedral Square is not empty. In summer there are going to relax and take refuge from the heat under a thick canopy of trees, the elderly satisfied chess tournaments, and artists offer to buy a piece of Odessa, as well Recalling the time spent.

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