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Svobody Avenue in Lviv

Svobody Avenue in Lviv

It is impossible to know the Lions, not walking up to the central street - Liberty Avenue. Its worth seeing if only because it hosts one of the main attractions not only Galicia, but also in Ukraine - Lviv Opera House . Yes, the same majestic architectural masterpiece in the spirit of the Vienna psevdorenessansa, which today is depicted on the Ukrainian banknotes valued at 20 USD. Tourists fashion - to be photographed on a background of theater and fountain in front of him with the twenty hands, choosing such a perspective to see both buildings : both on the banknote and the original.

On the south side of the 350-meter Liberty Avenue restricted area Mickiewicz - here is the original monument to this poet, genius of the Polish spirit. Nearby there is a fountain with a statue of the Mother of God . On the northern side of the border is the avenue street Gorodockaya beyond which begins prospect Vyacheslav Chornovil.
Liberty Avenue was renamed many times. Thus, from the late 18th century it was called the lower shafts, as there were fortifications. Then shafts apart, and the street was renamed several times, and she was Hetman, and street Legions at the Poles, and the street on May 1 at the Soviet power. During the Second World War, the German occupiers have renamed the place in the middle of the avenue in the area of ​​Hitler. Shortly after the victory of Soviet power did not come up with anything better than to give the name of Lenin Prospect. Present, through suffering, the name of Prospect received in 1990.
There are many beautiful old buildings Kamenica in different architectural styles, with a rich finish. In this pamphlet looks harmonious and enticing. Not to be missed, and the so-called "hundred-meter" - a pedestrian area near the monument to Shevchenko .

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Знову у Львові, бо моє серце тут
Насолодіться атмосферою стародавнього Львова. Звідки взявся знаменитий львівський національний дух і що робили місцеві патріоти для України – львівські гіди розкажуть про усе доступно і цікаво. А відвідини Карпат і мальовничих місцин поблизу Львова зроблять цю подорож оригінальною і ще цікавішою.
Хмільний Львів
Ми пропонуємо Вам стати частинкою львівського життя, поринути в екзотику міських кнайп та неповторність львівських вуличок.План туру:


In Lviv opened a high-end hotel
In Lviv will be a new 5-star hotel called the Crowne Plaza Lviv. It will open the world`s largest network of hotel management InterContinental Hotels Group. The new hotel will create in the next year, it will be in the city center on Liberty Avenue,...
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