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Uzhhorod Castle

Uzhhorod Castle

Sublime Uzhhorod Castle towering on the castle hill, surrounded by a deep moat impregnable. This fortress - the historical heart of Uzhgorod and all of Transcarpathia. Defensive structure, which appeared in the 11th century, did not conquer the conquerors. For the whole story, perhaps, only the Tatar-Mongols managed to storm the walls. In the 14th century the castle was virtually razed to the ground. But he has risen from the ashes and will never surrender to the enemy.

Its severity affects the palace citadel construction if hung on the edge of the steep slope. But behind impregnable walls lies a very different reality - a refined and aristocratic world: a beautiful park, immersed in the colors of spring, sculpture of the 19th century, and so forth.
Several centuries ago, Uzhgorod castle was the cultural center of the place. There was a monastery, a church, a gymnasium, a pharmacy, an art gallery, in the fortress were staged. Learn more about the amazing history of this region can, by looking at the palace, which is now working museum. It also represented the largest collection of bronze treasure in Ukraine.
Visitors will tell legends of secret passages and the ghost of a beautiful girl, how she suffered from unrequited love, and was buried in the castle ... By the way, the researchers believe that the secret labyrinths really surround the castle, but was unable to open them to this day.
Road to Uzhgorod castle will delight lovers of antiquity. Stone bridge, medieval streets, routes running through the old part of town, the ancient Greco-Catholic Church - all this can be seen on the way to the fortress, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

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